Adam Glass • SPECIAL ISSUE • 2018

3 Simple Ways To Release And Burn Stubborn Fat

Hi , I’m Adam. In this article, I will share a weight loss discovery so groundbreaking, a United Nations scientist has patented it…

Preventing any Big Pharmaceutical company from profiting off this discovery.

Dr. Oz has called it a “breakthrough supplement”.

Others say this is the answer to re-activating your “fat burning” hormone…

Forcing trapped, stubborn fat to melt off. Leading to natural, effortless weight loss.

It’s important you put away all distractions and read this article until the very end.

In fact…

It’s important you actually get rid of all diets and exercise… immediately.

The latest science reveals that…

Nearly all diets and exercise forces your brain to send out “sick signals”…

Ironically forcing your body to KEEP excess weight.

But what’s scary is it could trigger the start of several deadly diseases...

You’ll see how this is backed by 7,500 studies and even Dr. Oz, who recently said:

“[there is] a battleground…inside of you.”

The truth is…

What you’re about to find out is…

There are invisible “junk proteins” swimming in your bloodstream, right now…

Causing your body to TRAP and HOLD ON to excess fat.

This is why you can’t lose weight.

I’ll go into it more in a moment…

By reading this article… you’ll also discover…

3 tips on how to flush these “junk proteins” out…

So you can RELEASE and FREE yourself from stubborn fat.

But First, It’s Important You
Understand That…

“Leptin” or the “hungry hormone”
is yesterday’s science

Most doctors and nutritionists don’t even know about this latest change…

And when you review this presentation…

You’ll see the groundbreaking new medical discovery… that will help you lose weight the way your body was designed to… effortlessly and naturally.

Now — I don’t know how long this will be up to read if you come back tomorrow, this may be gone.

Don’t say I didn't warn you now.

So read this right now, and take notes, while you still can.

Remember, inside this article is a shocking discovery in metabolic science.

Once you activate it, the fat trapped inside you will be automatically flushed out, causing you to effortlessly lose weight.

The kind where you lose weight and keep it off…for good.

And after you review everything to the very end...

As you read and do what it says, like thousands of deeply grateful people who have before you…

Believe it or not...

Everything I say will challenge what you’ve heard about weight loss. You see, what scientists recently discovered is that if you’re overweight and you have stubborn, excess fat you can’t get rid of no matter how hard you try… Your body has actually been hijacked.

Right now, a swarm of “biomarkers” swimming in your bloodstream is literally attacking your hormone system…

Forcing your body to gain, keep, and even add on excess fat no matter what diet, exercise, or lifestyle changes you make.

This attack on the hormones inside your body STOPS you from burning fat…

And You Can’t Lose ANY
Weight Until This Is Fixed.

This condition is called Suppressed Leptin Syndrome
or SLS for short.

Now, most people have heard of LEPTIN. It’s been called the “I’m full” hormone.

That’s because it’s what tells your brain you’ve had enough to eat.

It’s actually produced by your very own fat cells. When your fat cells get full, they produce this appetite-controlling hormone.

Then when it reaches your brain, you have that feeling that you’re done eating. You want to push your plate away.

But when your fat cells are empty, there's no leptin.

So, your brain starts to think you’re going into starvation mode.

So it slows your metabolism down to a crawl.

It makes sure that anything you eat refills your fat cells. That's what’s going on when you feel that even lettuce makes you gain weight.

But The Surest Way to
Tell Your Leptin Is Low?

You feel like you can’t stop eating.
Even when your stomach is bursting at the seams.

Sound familiar? Now you know why.

But here’s where it may be affecting you the most.

If you’re doing everything right, and can’t make the scale budge, or you keep rebounding, or you seem to gain weight when you eat less...

...there’s a reason.

You see, studies are showing that a rogue chemical inside your body is basically making your brain “leptin-blind”.

That's where you’re making enough leptin, but your brain can’t see it. Like how a color-blind person can’t see certain colors.

This chemical finds and glues itself to your leptin.

So when it reaches your brain, it can’t recognize it as leptin anymore.

So your brain thinks “There’s no leptin! I guess it’s time to refill those fat cells and start to put the metabolism in first gear!”

And THAT... is where we find most Americans today.

Like there’s a hidden switch that just blocks your body from using fat for energy.

So What Is This Rogue Chemical That’s Making Your Body Go “Leptin-Blind”?

It’s a chemical called C-Reactive Protein…
or CRP for short.

They look like this.

They look kind of scary, don’t they?

Well, they are scary.

Life Extension News 1 says…

CRP binds to leptin… latches on
and… holds them hostage… like this.

And once they’ve held on, they don’t let go.

When that happens… your leptin can’t get up to your brain.

With the CRP wrapped around it… it’s too big and can’t break past the blood-brain barrier.

And because of that… your brain never actually sees the leptin!

In other words…

Not only has your brain become blind to leptin, less leptin is reaching your brain in the first place!

That’s why your brain THINKS you’re starving.

It THINKS It Needs To
Store Body Fat At All Costs.

So it makes you feel like you’re hungry beyond belief, and it forces your body to turn anything you eat into fat to be stored in your fat cells.

It’s everything you DON’T want.

And this is all because C-reactive protein is hijacking your leptin hormone.

That’s why Dr. Oz said on his show:

“C-reactive protein tells us how much
of a battleground there is inside of you.”

It’s what makes your body fat stay right there no matter what you do.

So, in order for your body to lose weight naturally again… you must get rid of the CRP stealing your leptin.

It’s that simple.

And here’s the good news.

You can start flushing those nasty CRPs out of your body… as early as tonight with 3 simple tips I’m about to share with you.

Now — Some of these tips may sound weird to you.

But if you follow these steps faithfully you can eliminate as much as 75% of the current CRP in your body.

Tip #1:

Eat Breakfast At 6:24am Every Day

The FIRST thing I recommend… set an alarm clock for breakfast… and eat at the same time, every day. It could be 6:24am or whatever.

With this, you create a habit of waking up and going to bed at set times.

Following a routine like this helps with your “Circadian Rhythms”… that’s the natural rhythms of your body.

Now, some people ignore these “rhythms”…

But that’s extremely costly and causes high levels of C-Reactive Protein.

You see, when you follow these natural rhythms and sleep right, your body goes into “autophagy”.

Autophagy is where your cells “remove and recycle junk protein”.

Junk protein like… C-reactive PROTEIN.

Autophagy is incredibly powerful.

A Harvard Medical School study shows you can reduce CRP in your body by as much as 61.6%.

But what if you don’t sleep properly?

Chief Medical Editor Howard LeWine M.D., writes in Harvard Health…

“Too little sleep… lower levels of leptin.”

AND causes as much as 2.6X more CRP!

That’s a double whammy…

Not sleeping well causes lower leptin and more CRP munching on whatever leptin you have left.

In short, lose weight by sleeping right!

Which brings me to my second tip…

Tip #2:

Go On The 12-Hour Diet

Can you lose weight without dieting or exercise? Salk Institute attempted this in an unusual study.

Dr. Mercola reports:

400 subjects were divided into two groups.

One group was told they could eat anything for 12 hours a day… But then had to stop for 12 hours until the next day.

12 hours of eating, 12 hours of fasting.

On and off.

The second group, however, could eat whenever they wanted. Midnight snacks, weird dinner hours…you name it.

The results at the end were astounding…

The Twelve-Hour Dieters were 25% slimmer.

Both group ate the same way they did before. Neither group changed their diet, exercise, or anything.

But what was even more amazing are the CRP levels.

In another study using the Twelve-Hour Diet… you can see that both groups started with similar levels of CRP.

The grey bar shows people who ate whenever… and the black bars represents the group that fasted.

As you can see…

Twelve-Hour Dieters reduced CRP by over 50%!

What’s more… after the experiment, CRP remained significantly reduced for the 12-Hour Dieters.

So if you want to kill the CRP stealing your leptin, go on the Twelve-Hour Diet.

Now… Both these tips are well and good.

But the fastest and easiest way to flush the CRP straight out is to take an unusual supplement made from the seed of an exotic fruit that’s been scientifically proven to remove CRP.

Tip #3:

Eat The Seed Of This Weird Fruit

It looks like this.

Now, I know, it has a long, confusing name and it doesn’t look like much.

But in a recent clinical trial, using the highest standards available… (A double-blind, placebo-controlled human experiment), they found that a VERY SPECIFIC extract of the seed of this strange fruit… drove CRP levels down by 52%.

WITHOUT changing diet, WITHOUT changing exercise and WITHOUT anything else!

But that’s only half the story. As you now know, when you flush CRP out of your body...

Your leptin won’t be held hostage anymore.

It can travel up to your brain and your body will burn fat again.

Well you can imagine what happened to the test subjects who took this SPECIFIC version of irvingia gabonensis.

They started to naturally, effortlessly lose weight.

In fact, every person taking this SPECIFIC extract...

Male or female, old or young began to have body fat melt off their body without trying!!

How much? Well that’s the most unbelievable part.

Throughout the study, these people on average lost a whopping 28.1lbs, reduced overall body fat by 18.4% (that’s a FIFTH of your body fat. GONE) and watched in amazement as their waist size shrank by 6.7”!

What’s more...

Ailments across the board like cholesterol and glucose imbalances…all fell off the charts… literally.

But that’s not all…

When my team and I were able to find the exact same ingredient used in THAT study…

And tested it, we started getting results like this…

From Peter Bennett:

“It stopped my cravings for sugar and helped release stubborn fat around my stomach better than anything else.”

-Peter Bennett

And tested it, we started getting results like this…

I have lost 22 pounds (10 kg) and I’m now very fit. I climb stairs and ramps with no problems. I walked 5 miles very easily and I feel healthier. Nothing else I tried has done this!”


Another ecstatic user told us...

I have energy. I am remembering things. I am in a better mood. I lost six pounds in a week and a half and my overall physical and mental health has increased dramatically.”


But the most dramatic results come from Mike Henke.

He wrote...

I lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks and I feel great! I knew this was working for me when I noticed my pants were not as tight and lost all that weight without going to the gym. It suppressed my appetite. I have more energy and I sleep well. It really works!”

-Mike Henke

Now, those are amazing results…

But I must warn you…

…these results came from that SPECIFIC extract.

Yyou need to be extremely careful!

You see… when this study was released, there was a lot of hype.

In fact… there wasn’t one, but two Dr. Oz segments on IG supplements.

He called it a “breakthrough supplement” and a “miracle in your medicine cabinet” in one show…

And in another episode he said:

“It helps those [hungry] hormones a lot.”

Even Fox News 2 wrote:

“Helps overweight people shed pounds
and lower their cholesterol”

And Reuters3 reported:

“Extracts from the plant’s seed… inhibit body fat production”

But unfortunately, this led to a lot of scammers creating FAKE IG supplements…

Flooding The Market.

You may have even seen their ads…

Using the more common name of “African Mango Seed Extract”.

Let me tell you, you absolutely DO NOT want an IG supplement made by an unproven manufacturer using a cheaper source of the IG fruit farming and extracting it the wrong way with low or poor standards of quality.

In certain consumer tests, fake IG supplements were of such low quality, you may as well be eating sawdust.

In fact, you want to go straight to the source.

You want the original IG supplement used in the original clinical trial. Obviously!

The very same one used on human subjects… not mice, rabbits and monkeys.

Personally, we were sick of the online fakes.

So we reached out to the scientist behind the original studies on IG…
Dr. Julius Oben.

Dr. Julius Oben has co-authored 36 peer-reviewed journals on obesity, food, and health.

He sits on two United Nations health boards and several bioscience societies.

If there’s anyone who knows what works and what’s a scam… it would be him.

When we talked to him about the Irvingia Gabonensis (IG) they used, we learned it was an IG so high-quality, it is GRAS-affirmed, standardized and patented.

In fact, the process in which it is grown, farmed and extracted… is also patented.

Why All These Standards?

Well, you see, IG is not a fruit you simply pluck off a tree.

It has to be wildcrafted in order to have maximum health benefits.

And as far as Dr. Julius Oben was concerned, the IG he used in his studies are the only ones worth getting.

So you can imagine getting your hands on real Irvingia Gabonensis (IG) supplements is surprisingly difficult and expensive.

Now, when we first looked into this, we almost decided that putting together an IG supplement using real IG wasn’t worth it.

The time, energy, and small profits would hurt our business.

But we also know - If we didn’t do this, unethical companies would keep selling FAKE IG to people who need it.

People who need to quickly flush out CRP, people who have tried almost everything but still can’t lose weight.

And we knew... we had to make a stand.

That’s what we did.

We did the math and as long as we market direct to you, and stay out of stores…

We can keep this affordable.

But we don’t know how long we can keep doing this. It will all depend on our sales. But for now, it’s available to you here.

We call it… BioLeptin TM

BioLeptin TM is the purest and most potent form of Irvingia Gabonensis (IG) available to you.

It is the exact same IG used in the clinical trials I mentioned… the same ones Dr. Julius Oben used.

Where subjects, on average...

lost 28.1lbs...

6.7” off their waistlines…

...20% of their body fat WITHOUT changing any of the food or exercise they were doing.

It is so pure and so potent, it is guaranteed to flush out maximum CRP from your body, allowing your leptin to reach your brain.

So your brain can tell your fat cells to open up and start using your body fat for energy to convert the food you eat to FUEL instead of fat and you begin to naturally and effortlessly find the inches falling off.

What’s more...

You’ll find your energy levels shooting straight up again, cravings and hunger pangs disappear, virtually overnight and now actually keep it off for good this time.

You’ll wonder how you ever existed without the self-control and focus you’ll now have

Where saying “no” to stress-eating is a natural desire you have.

Inside your body, IG will lower cholesterol levels, reduce arterial plaque, lower glucose levels, reduce inflammation… reduce risk of heart attack and stroke and more.

Get your peaked figure with BioleptinTM !
If you’re not 100% satisfied with your results - It’s FREE!
Get up to $339.75 in savings when you order now!

All this from the seed extract of this strange fruit.

But then we thought…

“How could we help you lose weight even faster?”

And we found a mineral that nearly every American is deficient in…

A mineral that regulates your hunger, just like IG.

So powerful, carb cravings and appetite plummet by 50%, shrinking caloric intake 4Xs lower and we found an “advanced version” of it with 35 clinical studies conducted on real humans… with 60 patents and applications...

It’s Called Chromax... A Clean, Pure Source Of Chromium.

But most importantly… it’s been proven to DESTROY up to 68% CRP in your blood.

Frankly… removing that much CRP is like opening the floodgates for your leptin.

And together with IG…

BioLeptinTM naturally, effortlessly releases the excess fat from your body, stops cravings, hunger pangs, low energy forcing your body to BURN FAT.

And gets you feeling like YOU again, feeling great in your new body, beginning in as little as 3 weeks.

That’s what BioLeptin TM can do for you.

Now, as I’ve mentioned already, Using only the purest and most potent IG… along with advanced chromium… is not cheap.

We are taking a risk here by “taking a stand” and getting this into the hands of as many people as possible.

But in order to protect our business, we’ve started with a smaller “initial batch”.

We need to know people are willing to pay for bona-fide, genuine IG… Instead of cheap FAKE versions online.

This means we have a very LIMITED supply.

So Here’s What I’d like to do:

Because you’ve taken the time to read this article… I know you’re dead serious about losing weight.

In order to get the ball rolling…

I’ll give you a one-time opportunity TODAY to try a 30-day supply of BioLeptinTM100% risk-free at a special non-public price that’s not available anywhere else.

So, you can relax, take your time, try it for yourself and see how well it works for you.

All I ask in return is you let us and others know about your results.

Now, because of the quality of ingredients involved… BioLeptinTM normally sells for $89.95 a bottle.

Remember, this is the exact same IG used in the scientific clinical-trial that produced those almost miraculous results.

It’s guaranteed to kill CRP and release your leptin causing natural, effortless weight loss.

And because your hunger, cravings, and appetite go down significantly, we’ve found that a single $89.95 bottle replaces over $200 a month in food you won’t be eating anymore.

But you won’t pay that, because you’re reading this article, I know you’re someone who wants the best for themselves.

Someone who’s ready to live the life you’ve always wanted… and that’s why, for you today only...

You can get your trial bottle of BioLeptinTM at an introductory price of $47.95.

That’s just $47.95 for one month’s supply of BioLeptinTM.

Or a mere $1.59 per day to natural, effortless weight loss.

Just try ONE bottle, and see it’s everything we say it is and if you don’t feel your cravings going away, your energy returning and your excess fat naturally melting off…

Simply let us know, and we’ll give you a full refund.

Even if you used up the entire bottle, just contact us any time within 1 year and you’ll get back every cent…

No questions asked.

Get your peaked figure with BioleptinTM !
If you’re not 100% satisfied with your results - It’s FREE!
Get up to $339.75 in savings when you order now!

We only want raving customers and we know you’ll be EUPHORIC when you experience what BioLeptinTM does for you.

That’s the power of real Irvingia Gabonensis (IG). It took us a lot of energy and effort to source the original IG for you.

That’s why we’re so confident it will work.

Of course, I know there may be people who will use it, and ask for their money back even if it works.

But from past experience, we trust people to be honest…

So get your risk-free trial bottle of BioLeptinTM… at an introductory price of $47.95.

That’s a $42 off what everyone else will pay.

And that’s not all…

As a thank you for being here today, we’re going to LOCK IN that price for you for ALL future orders.

This LIFETIME discount is available to you and you only, on this presentation TODAY.

While everyone else will be paying $89.95 or more, you will only ever pay just $47.95… for as long as you wish.

Once you place your order, you will be taken to a page that looks like this:

And once you fill in your information and confirm your order… your bottle of BioLeptinTM will be shipped out and arrive at your door.

You’re either going to see 3 options to order BioLeptinTM below…

…Or you’ll see a sign-up form to get on a waitlist.

If you see the signup for the waitlist, that means we’ve now run out of inventory and unfortunately, we can’t help you.

However, if you do see three ordering options,
it means we still have some in stock.

So...You Have 3 Choices
Right Now

Option 1:

You can do nothing at all.

You can continue to live your life and let unwanted CRP wreak havoc on your hormones… and cause uncontrollable weight gain.

Leading to disease… and possibly sending you to the hospital.

Option 2:

You can use the advice I’ve given you for free in this article.

You can try to do it on your own.


I want you to get better and live a longer and fuller life.

But I also want you to get results faster. That’s why I want you to…

Option 3:

Try BioLeptinTM without risk…

Try it for at least two weeks. The instructions are on the bottle. They are easy to follow.

If you don’t see results, we’ll refund you every penny. You can still use the tips I’ve given you earlier.

Everything will just go much faster.

I want You To Get To
Your Ideal Weight Soon…

So you can live the life you were meant to.

Because as you now know… it’s not your fault you can’t lose stubborn fat.

As you’ve seen now… high levels of C-Reactive Protein (CRP) are swimming in your body right now…

Kidnapping your leptin, and stopping it from getting to your brain leaving your body hijacked.

Constantly hungry, always tired, adding excess fat… that’s impossible to get rid of

Feeling sluggish, stressed out and anxious, literally aging faster.

But what we haven’t talked about is WHY this has happened.

And, I try not to talk about it, because when I do, it makes me so angry.

You see, for the past 60 years… “Big Food” has quietly snuck in increasing levels of dangerous chemicals into our food.

Chemicals that make food tastier, more addictive and has longer-lasting shelf life.

All so they can increase their bottom line.

Some of these “Frankenstein Foods” are making us sick in ways scientists don’t even know yet

All of it causing long-term disease, uncontrollable weight gain, and too many health problems to count.

The average American’s diet is so toxic today compared to how our grandparents ate decades ago

We’re getting sick at younger ages, more often and at greater risk.

But you can take back control of the situation. You can start by reducing the CRP levels in your body

So you can get back YOUR energy, lose weight and get back YOUR body.

And once again, live and enjoy YOUR life.

All you have to do is...

Click The “Add To Cart” Button Below And Try a Bottle of BioleptinTM

If not, sign up to get on the waiting list.

What The First Few Days
Of BioLeptinTM Is Like

Now, once you start using BioLeptinTM… you’ll probably notice it working on the first day.

Most people do.

You’ll notice, that you feel more energetic and that you have fewer cravings at odd hours.

In fact, you may be surprised at your smaller appetite.

Then in a few days, as you’re getting dressed for the day... you’ll notice your clothes slide on just a bit easier.

And when you look in the mirror, you’ll see that your clothes don’t fit like they used to.

A week later, your friends and family will start making comments… about how you’re different.

You’re more upbeat.

You have more energy.

And that’s because it will be all true!

When your leptin is free of CRP... your brain will burn fat the way your body was meant to… and that means your metabolism will work like it was supposed to…

What’s more...

If you choose to diet or exercise to accelerate your weight loss, not that you have to, you’re going to find everything happening much more smoothly.

You’ll feel strong enough to go to the gym. You’ll feel in control and avoid stress-eating and junk food and anything you know is bad for you.

When you shed pounds off, it stays off this time.

That’s the power of your leptin flowing freely again.

You’ll also notice your mind is clearer. Like you can focus again.

Everyone around you will notice this new you, how you’re more attentive to those you care about.

Or you have a refreshed jolt of energy for your work…

And that afternoon crash? It’s gone.

You don’t feel a need for a nap or caffeine at 3 or 4pm.

When you go to bed, you’re not fighting with a craving.

You’re not tossing and turning because your brain is frazzled.

You’ll fall gently asleep, and you’ll wake up the next morning as if you genuinely, truly feel rested for the first time in a long time.

For some, this might take a day or two longer.

Now, for others, it might be a week. However, one day…It will happen.

And on that day…

Getting Your Life Back

It will hit you in the middle of the day
when you least expect it.

You could be doing errands, or working, or playing with your kids… you’ll suddenly breathe slower, feel a calm quiet fall on you and you’ll realize “Everything is OK” .

You’ll tear up a little because it’s not a feeling you’ve had in a long time where you’re in control.

That your life belongs to you and you have the power to change it.

You’re no longer pounding your head against the wall, fighting against a weight problem you can’t seem to beat no matter what you try.

You can wear what you want again, you can have the body shape you want and you can stop worrying about all the weight-related diseases that are killing millions of Americans today.

And when you have that “moment”, you’ll also feel a rush of gratitude.

Knowing that now you wil live longer, healthier and be present with the ones you love.

Your children, your grandchildren, your spouse and your friends.

Until this moment… a part of your body was literally held hostage by CRP.

Snagging your leptin and preventing a crucial hormone in your body from doing its job.

Sabotaging your brain and slowing your metabolism down to a persistent crawl.

Putting you at risk of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.

But no more. Because in that “moment”, you’ll realize you’ve beat it.

And that’s what I want for you. I want you to experience this “moment” as soon as possible.

So go ahead, place your order.

Choose the option that best suits you below.

Again, you have NOTHING whatsoever to risk.

In fact… I’m taking all the risk.

Even if you use an entire bottle, and send it back, I’ll still process your full refund. No questions asked.

No need to feel bad or awkward.

Mail it back and the money will be refunded to you right away.

Again, this is Adam and thank you for your time.

Adam Glass

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still here?

You probably have questions.

I get it. You want to be sure BioLeptinTM will work for you.

Well, let me answer some questions you may have.

Here are some common ones I get…

BioLeptinTM has been taken by thousands of folks with no reported side effects.

It is a natural supplement sourced from the highest quality “wildcrafted” farms.

As I had mentioned, this is a patented supplement with a patented extraction process. It is the highest quality possible.

In fact, this is the only source where you can get pure, clean Irvingia Gabonensis (IG).

Now, of course, there are positive side effects you’ll need to be aware of.

Because you’re flushing out a lot of C-Reactive Protein (CRP) from your body in a short period of time, you’ll immediately notice that…

You’re not eating as much anymore. Your “hungry hormone” will start working again.

You’ll get a burst of fresh new energy. Your body is no longer in constant starvation mode. It will want to burn fat fast.

You’ll suddenly find yourself in control again as your willpower shoots up as well.

But most important of all — Because your brain isn’t firing off thousands of signals that could make you really sick.

You’ll also just feel healthier in general.

This is what happens when your leptin system is working again.

So the side effect is, you will need to find something to do with your renewed energy and lease on life.

Perhaps you can be more present with your family and loved ones again. Perhaps you can put time into your hobby or passion again.

Perhaps you can confidently advance in your career or business.

I can see that for you…and i can’t wait to hear about your results from you.

As you flush out the C-Reactive Protein (CRP) from your body, you can expect your body to lose weight even during its state of rest and that’s because we actually burn fat more efficiently when we’re not doing anything strenuous.

So you should expect to see stubborn fat around the belly, hips and thighs to melt away.

You can expect to see your skin color brighten and improve as well.

That’s because your brain isn’t stuck in starvation mode anymore…it can send the right signals all over your body again.

You can expect your digestion to improve as well and that’s because your leptin system is working again.

It will tell your body when you have enough stored fats, so you won’t eat as much and you’ll naturally feel full again.

This basically puts much less strain — a lot less — on your digestive system.

And what’s more… because your brain is no longer sending out thousands of deadly signals.

You’re also reversing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

That means you may see your blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels drop. You’ll see your immune system pick up again.

Now, of course, everyone is different. Everyone has a slightly different body chemistry, so I can’t tell you exactly which benefit you’ll experience first.

The best way to find out is to give BioLeptinTM a try yourself.

It’s risk-free.

Simply grab one of the three packages below and just give it a shot.

Most people have no idea how much a broken leptin system is affecting their quality of life until they “reset” it with BioLeptinTM.

Our customers have gotten BioLeptinTM for the purpose of losing weight only. And I don’t blame them.

That’s a great reason to try BioLeptinTM but then they actually start using it.

That’s when we get emails and letters from them telling us about the other side benefits they weren’t expecting.

The increased energy. The improved sleep. The healthier skin. More willpower. Feeling full again.

It’s a total surprise to them when something instantly gets better.

After all, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees when you’re stuck in one. But that’s what BioLeptinTM does.

You start noticing all the subtle, nuanced changes.

Things you used to have and have totally forgotten about.

OK. Let’s be clear here.

When you flush out the C-Reactive Protein from your body using Irvingia Gabonensis (IG)… you’re “normalizing” your body back to the way it was meant to function.

You’re not taking some drug here that alters how your body should work.

So as per the previous question, what you should notice is increased energy, decreased hunger, and fat loss that happens even if you don’t change your diet or exercise…

Because that’s what your body is supposed to do when your leptin system is working.

All Irvingia Gabonensis (IG) does is it reboots your leptin system and makes sure it gets to your brain again.

Remember, as long as CRP holds your leptin hostage, your brain will think there’s none and keep you in starvation mode.

It’s like a scared daddy whose daughter was just kidnapped. It’s panicking.

But once you kill the CRP in your body, leptin goes home and your body is functioning normal again.

So is it possible to lose weight too fast with Irvingia Gabonensis (IG)? It may feel like it at first if your leptin system is really broken through years of CRP build-up.

But as it normalizes and balances out, you should see your fat loss go down to a reasonable rate of loss.

The key here is to drink a lot of water. Staying hydrated will help you remove all that excess fat. That’s important.

Now, if you find you’re losing more than a pound a day even after the initial 30-day period… maybe taper back the dose a bit.

Maybe take just one capsule per day to see how you feel. Remember, all BioLeptin TM is doing here is normalizing your leptin system again.

It’s not a “weight loss pill”. It’s not some synthetic drug cooked up in a lab.

I don’t recommend it. Not at first.

Remember, right now, your leptin system is broken. Your brain thinks you’re not producing ANY leptin at all and it’s been in starvation mode for as long as you’ve been overweight.

That means your brain has been firing out signals to the rest of your body to do things that it probably shouldn’t.

That’s why you feel so sick and tired all the time.

Your brain is reacting to the lack of leptin and when you exercise or diet, you’re making your brain react worse.

If you diet, it thinks you’re making the starvation situation worse. So it freaks out and sends even more deadly signals to the rest of your body telling it to conserve.

It’s like overspending on an army you don’t need.

That’s what your body is doing.

If you exercise, your brain thinks you’re wasting energy that could be used to find food.

Again, this causes problems.

As I had talked about briefly on this page, Byron J. Richards, author of “Mastering Leptin” went through 7,500 clinical studies that all concluded that a broken leptin system could lead to fatal diseases like diabetes, heart problems, and even cancer.

And all this is due to the fact that your brain has no idea what’s going on with the lack of leptin.

Now — after 30 days of taking BioLeptinTM, your leptin system will have normalized to a healthy state again.

You’ll start to feel energized again.

You’ll stop feeling so hungry all the time.

You’ll notice fat loss occurring naturally.

Once this happens, I would start adding some light exercise back to my lifestyle. I would NOT recommend dieting though.

Dieting doesn’t work and there are numerous studies to back this up. What you want to do is change what you eat, however.

I’m not saying you have to eat only vegetables and nuts for the rest of your life, but just be careful with what you eat so you don’t mess up your leptin system again.

You’ll know. No question.

Well, what it really comes down to is two things.

First, as you already know, we are using the original sourced Irvingia Gabonensis (IG) that was originally used in the clinical trials as conducted by Dr. Julius Oben.

This is based on double-blind placebo-controlled human trials — the highest quality and level of clinical trials possible.

These were not tested in vitro, on monkeys, rabbits, or mice… but actual real human beings.

You may recall the astounding results.

Everyone in the control group, that is the people not taking the placebo, lost weight. That’s a 100% success ratio.

What’s more — they lost an average of 28.1lbs. On average. They reduced body fat by 18.4% and they even shrunk their waistline by 6.7”.

That’s just unbelievable.

What’s more, health factors like cholesterol and glucose fell off the charts.

As you know, there were and still are a lot of imitators out there that’s NOT using the original sourced Irvingia Gabonensis (IG).

You’ve probably seen the ads online and even on TV.

They claim to be the original African Mango Seed Extract, but you have to look at the fine print and ensure it’s sourced from Dr. Julius Oben.

Secondly, BioLeptinTM’s source of Irvingia Gabonensis (IG) is patented not once, but twice.

First the extract itself…but secondly, how it’s farmed in a unique manner called “wildcrafting”.

You can’t simply throw seeds into the ground and farm this fruit. You just can’t. It doesn’t work that way.

You need to wildcraft it and that takes a lot of careful hands-on work that most manufacturers just couldn’t care for.

That’s why you really need to be careful.

A lot of Irvingia Gabonensis (IG) have been sourced from China or other countries.

It’s simply not the real thing and won’t get you the same results as the original.

BioLeptinTM is the purest, cleanest available source of Irvingia Gabonensis (IG) you’ll find online.

Chances are, you’ve never tried a premium supplement like this before.

No other natural supplement has two patents on it and you’ll feel the difference right away.

No, unfortunately, as I had mentioned earlier, we simply cannot afford to put this on shelves in a store.

It was the only way to ensure we get you the purest, cleanest Irvingia Gabonensis (IG) possible without sacrificing our business.

We don’t like admitting this, but the margins for this high-quality product is much less than we’re used to.

But we’re doing it because it’s the right thing to do.

Selling it direct to you is the only way to ensure you get the best quality Irvingia Gabonensis (IG) at the lowest possible price.

The challenge of getting it into stores is that retail outlets will add a huge mark-up so they can take their cut and justify their shelf space and their lease in the mall or wherever they are.

That’s not fair to you.

BioLeptinTM is a premium supplement, perfectly extracted, stored, and shipped directly to you.

If BioLeptinTM were sold in stores, it would have to be $129.95 a bottle if the retailers want to make money.

Because we only sell BioLeptinTM direct-to-consumer, you’re able to get your hands on something that would otherwise only be available to celebrities and athletes through their private doctors and coaches.

When you order and start using BioLeptinTM, you’re treating your body like royalty.

That might sound cheesy, but it’s true.

Plus, remember, when you order BioLeptinTM directly on this page, you’re granted instant access to our private buyer’s-only club.

I think you need to give yourself and your body more credit. You might be surprised at how resilient it is.

We’ve had customers of all sizes and weight issues try BioLeptinTM since we launched this product.

I can assure you, it works no matter how overweight you are or how long you’ve been overweight.

Remember, the key problem here is that C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is taking your leptin hostage.

The moment you start flushing CRP out of your body, leptin will start flowing freely up to your brain again.

And sure, while different people have different body chemistries and it might take longer or shorter for different people…the way our bodies function is essentially the same.

We get rid of CRP, leptin flows freely again. It’s that simple. And you’ll notice it straightaway, I promise.

You’ll notice your energy coming back. You’ll notice your willpower coming back.

You’ll notice feeling full again and not hungry all the time. You’ll even feel healthier in general as your brain and leptin system are working in sync again.

BioLeptinTM will do all these things for you and frankly, I can’t think of another supplement on planet earth that could do all this for you in such a short period of time.

I want you to think about that for a moment.

Imagine what life would be like when you have your energy, willpower, and health back.

There are a lot of things in this world you can buy that gives you a quick shot of happiness for a short while.

Maybe a meal at your favorite restaurant or a new outfit or a good book or magazine… but those are all one-time things.

Would you rather keep buying things that give you a brief amount of joy for a short period of time or would you prefer to invest in yourself and actually TRANSFORM who you are to who you want to be?

That’s what BioLeptinTM can do for you.

Just imagine your life after you’ve shed the weight and have all this energy again.

What would you do?

Who would you do it with?

Where would you go?

You will have your life back. You will have control over it again. You can do that with BioLeptinTM.

Go ahead and click the button below and pick from three money-saving options.

Remember, you’re fully protected by our 365-day guarantee and you’ll love how it makes you feel.

If you don’t notice a rapid and powerful awakening of your body, just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll refund your purchase in full.

Just send the bottles back, even if they’re empty.

You really have nothing to lose, and a healthy, enjoyable, and your old thinner, leaner, healthier body to gain.

You’ re going to love the way you look and feel.

Make it a great day, a BioLeptinTM day.

Enjoy Shocking Weight Loss with BioleptinTM!





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